Neon Fashion

Ever since I joined the fashion industry, people have been telling me how differently I dress up nowadays. I guess this change is a “by-product” of my past experience in running an ever changing and fast moving fashion business. While I used to clad myself in tailored office wear, now my wardrobe consists mainly of more stylish pieces. I find myself also quick to try out styles I have never once thought will look good on my petite frame and one of them is Neon Fashion.

First look:

Neon Mod Dress From City Plaza Singapore
Sunglass from Japan
Black Velvet Platform Shoes from City Square, JB
Beaded Earrings and Rose Bangle are both gifts   


Second Look:

Lime Scallop Shift Dress from City Plaza Singapore
Retro Earrings from Jcube Shopping Mall
Sunglass is a gift

Shift dresses are really comfortable to wear and also flattering for most body shapes. Choose colours or prints that pop and it can really make a petite figure (like mine) stand out. I wanted to infuse some sixties fashion vibes into my neon theme dresses so I matched them with chunky accessories such as big earrings and thick platform shoes.

I had a lot of fun creating these two looks and I hope you like them as well.

See you again soon!

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