“Back To School” Fashion And More…

First Style – Back To School

Polka Pink Streak Dress in White from City Plaza Singapore
Earrings is a gift
Black Cardigan is from Far East Plaza
Rainbow Bucket Bag from City Plaza Singapore

I know I am probably past the age of going back to school, but I really do enjoy dressing the part! I wish I had been more fashionable during my schooling days, which may have helped me make the decision to join the fashion industry earlier… nevertheless, better later than never :)!  I really love this look as I am a great fan of monochrome which is both versatile and classy. I thought the colorful bucket bag really makes the whole ensemble come alive by adding a cheerful touch to the look, making it perfect for school or a casual day out!

Second Style – Girl Next Door
 Canvas Floral Dress from City Plaza Singapore
Blue Jacket from Far East Plaza
High Heels from City Square, JB

I love how the colours of the high heels match so well with the dress, as if they were meant to be a set all along! I believe this look is great for all the romantics at heart who at the same time, like that extra “wow” factor. This combination speaks, “I am a lady but one who has a bold and adventurous spirit”!

Hope you enjoy this post and see you again soon!

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4 thoughts on ““Back To School” Fashion And More…

  1. I love these 2 looks!!! Ahhh makes me wish I was back in school again…I used to rock my back to school outfits haha! Nevertheless nothings wrong with dressing the part and these 2 looks screams 1st day of school fashionistas! I love the difference in both looks you can go for a more chic and classic look to a more vibrant “look at me” dress and I love the blue jacket with it!!!

    Jasmine 🙂
    Color U Bold


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