Styling Monochrome

One of my all time favorite fashion trends is the monochromatic style. No doubt I love many other styles as well (such as floral prints), but monochromatic is by far the top choice for me. The reason is simple; Monochrome NEVER really goes out of trend as it is simply classic and enduring. In recent times, the monochromatic style has been brought to a whole new level with more creative prints.

Mix And Match of the Day:

Sartorial Checked Dress from City Plaza Singapore
Gold Diamante Bracelet from Ebay
Studded Bucket Bag from City Plaza Singapore



I love the sartorial elegance of this number! I think this design looks like what you can find featured in fashion magazines. Somehow, it looks rather expensive, albeit its really affordable price tag. Perhaps it is the interplay of pearl and diamonte embellishments as well as the creative mirroring checked prints that makes the dress looks like a million bucks.

Hope you love this look and see you again soon!

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