Beautiful Black Dress With Exquisite Floral Placements

I believe skater dresses are hot favorites among many ladies as they are flattering for all sort of figures and sizes. I seldom come across any design that carries vibrant red or orange floral prints on a black background and therefore, I was delighted to find a number that fulfills this description.

Style Match of the Day:

Sateen Floral Dress from City Plaza Singapore
Red belt is a gift
Butterfly Earrings from Novena Square

I love this number as it makes me feel both sensual and feminine at the same time! Not only are the floral prints beautiful, the fabric feels luxurious on the skin as well. I am especially impressed with the way the fabric was cut such that the floral prints are abundant on the skirt area but sparsely arranged on the top half of the dress. This make the dress look really well-tailored like a designer piece with the prints looking proportionately distributed without being too busy for the eye.
Hope you are as delighted with this post as I am and see you again soon!

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Black Dress With Exquisite Floral Placements

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