Polka Dots X Romper

Rompers or playsuits are really suitable for ladies with flexible working conditions, such as the liberty to go for more casual outfits. Personally, I think they are great casual style apparel for ladies who want to look stylish, fun and youthful. Very often, ladies who want to dress free and easy on the weekends will just throw on a basic T-shirt with shorts (in sunny Singapore). Although this look is really fast and convenient, it may appear slip slop and even “Auntie” looking! A pretty romper is an easy substitute as the design is very suitable for casual occasions yet trendy at the same time.


Classic polka dot prints X super cute and flattering romper design – what is there not to like about this number? After matching it with a pair of comfortable pink sandals and brightly coloured bracelets, I was all ready to go on my relaxing weekend getaway.

Hope you love my take on a good weekend outfit and See you again soon!

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