Bodycon Dresses

People who have known me for a long, long time know that I am not the naturally slender type. In fact, I was considered chubby most of my life, especially during my childhood and teenage years. As an adult, I do struggle with weight fluctuations very often as I have a huge passion for food and can’t resist carbohydrates and sugar! Hence, I tend to avoid wearing body hugging clothes more often than not.

After completing my training in Style Coaching, I realise that many, including petite women, can look good in fitting clothes even if they are considered to be plump or bigger in size. The trick is really finding the correct size as well as recognizing the cutting of clothing that best suits their frame. For instance, if a particular dress is too tight, it is likely to cause unsightly bulging around specific body parts such as the tummy area. However, this issue may be resolved once a bigger size is chosen, even if the dress is meant to be body fitting. If a bigger size does not completely do the trick, there are always shapewear (also important to choose the right ones for best effect and comfort) which can be worn underneath a dress to achieve a slimmer or sleeker look, be it for work or special events.

Hope the above information is useful for women who think that they are not ever going to look good in bodycons or who are not confident in wearing more fitting clothes. To end off, here are a couple of my favorite picks for this post.

Look 1

Look 2

Thank you for reading and see you again soon!

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