Vintage Style Fashion

I admit this is not my usual fashion style.

I have this bright candy pink skirt lying in my wardrobe for the longest time and I really want to give it a chance to (hopefully) shine. Also, I have recently fallen in love with hats and decided that my floral scarf sun hat should go quite well with the look I had in mind. And so here comes my latest mix and match inspiration:
A basic mono-color white/black top should match easily with the skirt but I decided to go for a more colorful long sleeve top just to try out a new style and be more adventurous. I am quite pleased with how the look turned out as I believe it exudes a kind of English Vintage style which possesses a nostalgic charm.

As I am very petite, I don’t usually wear skirts that go over my knee as doing so may make me look even shorter. However in this case, I think that the high-waist style of the skirt and high heels definitely help to elongate my lower body! Hence if you are petite too but would love to try wearing a midi-skirt, choosing one with a high-waist cut is likely to be helpful!
Hope you like this look and will be back with more styling pictures soon. See you!


16 thoughts on “Vintage Style Fashion

  1. This is lovely dear! I love the flowy pink skirt as it has this Grace Kelly flair to it! How ravishing paired with the printed top with a similar backdrop. Love this ensemble and you look amazing Prudence! xo~


  2. Sometimes it’s nice to branch out and try a style not a part of your usual looks. This is a cute look, and a throw back to the vintage past!!
    lovely red lip colour too!

    – Zaychishka


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