Black And White Fashion

I have always love the monochromatic look in fashion. I do adore vibrant colors too, but on days that I am in a rush or just not in the mood to think of what to wear, I simply can’t resist the classic black and/or white outfit. So just a quick blog post to show two basic monochrome designs that will never go out of style and will be suitable for ladies of different figures, including petite women. Here is the first look:

And my second feature is a simple white dress with delightful scallop patterned details at the waist area and a panel cut skater skirt which, by the way, makes me feel like Marilyn Monroe for a moment :)!

What I like about a classic dress is that it is so easy to create different looks with simple accessorizing. If you adore statement accessories like I do, a mono color outfit will be perfect for some creative mix and match.

Hope you like this post and see you again soon!

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