Little Lantern Cocktail Dress

It is coming close to the end of the year which means that the festive season is quickly approaching too. Hence, I have picked a little monochrome cocktail number suitable for year end parties to be featured in this post. This cute mini dress really caught my fancy as I find it both minimalist yet attention grabbing (due to its structured lantern skirt design) at the same time. Really unique in my opinion!

I was really thrilled to receive a complimentary manicure and pedicure session from a local nail salon, Nail Lavish and thought that my nail colors go really well with the dress!

Loving the ombre shades (From top: Black, Red And Light Pink) with a layer of glitter on top of the colors!

That’s all for now and hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have a great week everyone and see you again soon.

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19 thoughts on “Little Lantern Cocktail Dress

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