Formal and Casual Fashion in Blue and White

Blue and white are two of my favorite colors as they are really soothing and pleasing to the eyes. Just imagine the beautiful blue sky and white clouds we see in Summer and I believe you will get what I mean.

I believe the blue and white color combination works really well in fashion too as many of us look pretty good in these gentle and cool colors. Below are my picks for a formal and casual look respectively.

Formal Look:

This cute little cocktail number is suitable for occasions such as wedding dinners, company functions or parties. Definitely one of my favorite designs to wear as it is so flattering for my petite frame and I adore the serene contrast of the lovely blue shades on the pure white dress.

Casual Look:

This Korean-inspired cotton dress is my pick for a relax day out on the weekend as I really love the tie-able ribbon cut-out details at the sleeves as well as the classic stripe design on the skirt. The top part of the dress has a loose fit cutting so it is also comfortable to wear on a sunny day!

Hope you like both the formal and casual looks in this post as much as I do! See you again soon!

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