A Leather Vest And An Artist’s Knit Top

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Today’s post features a couple of my favorite looks that I will like to share with all my lovely readers! These photos were taken some time ago but as I really like the styles presented, I wanted to post them up before I forget about them! If you have looked at some of my previous posts, I may have given the impression that I prefer outfits that are pretty and sweet. However the truth is, I love a whole variety of looks and am always inspired to try out new styles whenever possible!

The first outfit is a faux leather vest layered on top of a basic brown sleeved top from Forever 21, a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and lastly, a pair of classic boots. I love that the vest comes with unique chiffon side panels which drape over the hips, creating a more feminine silhouette! The zipper accent helps to add a touch of edginess to the whole look which I thought was quite cool.

The second look is put together based on what I imagine a stylish artist will be wearing! I wore this outfit on a day when I visited a local art jamming cafe to experience drawing and painting on a canvas for the first time. In particular, I love the sleek pointed collar and the creative stripe print placements on the lightly knit top. It is a cool statement piece in my opinion!

Hope you love the two looks featured as much as I do and will be back with a new post soon! Thanks so much for reading!

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21 thoughts on “A Leather Vest And An Artist’s Knit Top

  1. Ahh yes I love how you incorporate different styles into your outfits dear – feminine, chic, edgy, avant-garde, the whole 9 yards, and you look AMAZING in all of them! My favorite is the one with you in the red beret, there’s something so Parisienne chic about it! A look well done!! 🙂 xo~ Lena


  2. I always love wholesale clothing for women but my usual problem is I don’t have styles like this. I love the clothing combination you have there. Very perfect and you look fabulous! XD


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