An Off-shoulder Top And A Colorful Skirt


I have always considered myself someone very fortunate as I believe that I have married the sweetest man I could have ever met in my life. Despite disheartening stories about how a relationship can deteriorate after marriage, my own experience has proven otherwise. I am definitely not a perfect wife and my husband is not without his flaws, but we have learnt to communicate, love and care for each other over the years we spent our lives together. ย When my husband and I were invited to attend our friends’ wedding in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we believe with all our heart that this couple will also enjoy a blissful marriage life!

The following pictures are taken at the pool area of Bayu Marina Resort, where my friend’s holy matrimony was held:







I was wearing a fitted off-shoulder top over a beautiful and vibrantly colored floral skirt. I decided to match this outfit with an elegant dusty pink clutch which I thought matches really well with the cobalt blue shade of the top. To add an edge to the overall look, I woreย a pair of heels with a sleek pointed shape and layered my necklaces to go with the outfit!

Lastly, here is a picture of the lovely couple at their wedding which I have taken the liberty to post here as a fond remembrance of the event:


Hope you enjoyed this post and see you again soon!

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45 thoughts on “An Off-shoulder Top And A Colorful Skirt

  1. what a coincidence! I’m attending wedding of a friend with my husband tonight:) I wish much happiness and bliss to your friends (on the photo) and to you and your husband to preserve the love you already share.

    I think people sometimes expect too much from their partner, forgetting that marriage is a team effort….

    you are a vision of beauty in this outfit! so feminine…love the skirt!


    • Thanks Sonia for sharing your thoughts, I love reading it! A good relationship is hard to come by so it’s really important to treasure it and not give up too easily! Wishing you a great week!


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