An Oversized Quilted Top And Organza Slip


As someone who is really petite in build, there are certain fashion trends which I seldom attempt. One of the trend is the over-sized look, which I actually find pretty cool but thought may be too overwhelming for my petite frame. The last thing I want is to look like I have been swallowed by my clothes! Therefore, when I found the two-piece set as featured in this post, I knew I have found the perfect over-sized design for my petite frame!


This cute outfit consists of an over-sized quilted top with wide sleeves and an inner black slip with organza flare bottom! What I specifically love about the top is the unique inverted ‘V’ opening at the back and the adorable black ribbon embellishment just on top of it. The organza bottom is really pretty too!

Hope you love this outfit post and thanks so much for reading! See you again soon!

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47 thoughts on “An Oversized Quilted Top And Organza Slip

  1. Ahhh you are so cute Prudence, I love the pop of pink in this look, it looks great in this classic black and white combo. You have a great smile dear has anyone told you that before? hehe~ have a great one! xoxo~ Lena


  2. I know what you mean..oversize trend is lovely bit it is not the easiest thing to style. I surely like your solution. This oversize sweater with wide sleeves is amazing and the fact that it is almost cropped ( at any rate not too long) makes it less overwhelming and easier to style with other clothing items—-and the detail on the back is adorable! so feminine!

    The skirt is really pretty too and these two items together are a match made in fashion heaven.

    Speaking of oversize trend…I do like that long sweater worn as a dress trend, you know by itself…that one at least seems like a no brainier, but combining it with other clothing items seems a bit hard…skinny jeans seem an obvious option…as well as tights…but with other types of pants and skirts, it can sort of split us in two and look too bulky- what do you think?

    btw thank you for your comment on my painting…It representing a mythological figure (a water fairy) I was trying to make it a part of surroundings…and make the colours more watery and less warm and human like, I don’t know how to explain it ha ha…


    • Thanks for your comment Ivana, I really enjoy reading your thoughts!I love the long sweater worn as dress look as well! Personally, I think this style will look great if match with just a pair of over-the-knee boots! Of course if the weather is too cold, a pair of tights can be added! Apart from jeans, I think a mini skirt or shorts under the long sweater can work as well so only the hem part of the bottom can be seen. This can add some dimension and colors to the overall look without adding bulk!


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