A Korean Printed Wrap Top And New Year Resolutions


It is the New Year so I will like to spend some time sharing some of my personal stories!

I have loved fashion for as long as I remember. Growing up, my favorite past-time is to go window shopping as this allows me the time to indulge in browsing through the latest fashion items on the racks in department stores and boutiques. Despite being really passionate about fashion styling and trends, I never thought that I will go into the fashion industry as I was taught since young that being an academic is a more practical career choice.

After completing my University and working full-time in the corporate world for several years, I realized that I will never be happy if I do not start pursuing what I really love. Henceforth, I started my first online fashion business with my husband in 2012, with big dreams and passion. However, as we had no experience in the fashion industry and running an online business, we stumbled across many obstacles and went through a really steep learning curve, picking up skills along the way. In the process, we learnt more about our strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.

It was during this period that, to my own surprise, I realized how much I actually like to blog. In fact, blogging for our online business was one of my favorite activities out of the many duties we needed to perform on a day to day basis! This also explains the birth of this blog, which I see as a creative outlet for self-expression and hopefully, as an inspiration for others as well.

Having shared my humble experience here, this is a question I will like to pose – have you thought of your resolutions for the new year? Personally, I will continue to go after what I love doing for as long as I feel capable and passionate to do so. I also hope to learn how to put less emphasis on the result and focus more on enjoying the process.


Thanks so much for reading this longer than usual post and hope you like the featured outfit as well! It comprises of a collared wrap style printed top from a Korean label and an inner organza slip which was featured here too!

Happy New Year and wishing all a great holiday!

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31 thoughts on “A Korean Printed Wrap Top And New Year Resolutions

  1. What a lovely ensemble, that pink bag is really the cherry on top! So glad to have met you through blogging as your beautiful pictures and exquisite writing always inspire me! Ah speaking of resolutions I need to work on mine lol~ hope you have an amazing year to come dear!! 🙂 xo~ Lena


    • Thank you Lena! Likewise, I am also really happy to have met you through blogging and inspired with your work! Wishing you a great 2015 too!


  2. I’m so proud of you for taking the leap from corporate to fashion, that must have been so scary! Thanks for sharing your resolutions and that tulle skirt is adorable.
    I hope you’re enjoying the new year and may 2015 be super prosperous for you and your blog!
    Much Love,


  3. Your story is so inspiring! maybe some day I sum up the courage to do the same…I know running your own business must be a real challenge and even a big burden at times but it is really something I would like to try. Maybe some day I get the chance.

    I think it is awesome you had courage to change your profession and start something new…I think I understand what you say about blogging because for me it is also an creative outlet I enjoy, something I can always come back to.

    You look so lovely and pretty…the floral blouse is so romantic and sweet…and I really like the skirt…those ankle boots look great too. This year I didn’t even buy high boots, I just kept wearing ankle boots all the time.

    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog<3 I think every blogger is happy when somebody really takes the time to read what we shared and replied to it. Sometimes it seems to me that blogging is all about people and I like that.


    • Glad my story is of some inspiration to you, Ivana! I believe many have tried to run their own businesses and some have succeeded while others have failed…. most importantly I think it is worthwhile to pursue it so that there will be no regrets! Regardless of how the business turns out, there will be significant lessons learnt from the process which will be extremely valuable! And thanks for your kind comments as always and definitely agree that blogging is all about the people! Have a great weekend!


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