A Floral Affair


Although I have always love fashion and beauty, I was a late bloomer in regard to developing a great sense of style, as my previous lifestyle (before I started my first fashion business) does not require me to focus too much on my appearance. Fortunately, fashion styling is a skill which can be picked up with keen observation and experimentation.

After more than two years of intensive experience in the fast-moving fashion industry, I am glad to find that my styling skills have improved significantly! Of course, reading fashion blogs regularly also provide me with tremendous amount of inspiration and I am very thankful to all the bloggers who put in the time and effort to present their best styles, including the readers of this little space of mine!

Today’s look is a style I am motivated to venture into as I realized how chic a print on print ensemble can be!


I really love this romantic floral on floral outfit which exudes a relaxed and unassuming vibe. To finish the look, I matched the top and maxi skirt with a pretty hat and a cute bag for an additional dosage of feminine touch!

Hope you like this post and see you again on Thursday! Have a great week ahead!

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37 thoughts on “A Floral Affair

    • Glad you like this outfit and that it gives you a new idea, Andy! Marsala is quite a beautiful color for mix and match and I like it a lot! Wishing you a great upcoming weekend!


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