A Drape Blouse With Denim Leggings


I love feminine details on my outfits and I associate soft folds in clothing as an example. However, I do not have many drape style outfits as I find that the extra fabric from some drape designs tend to overwhelm my petite frame.

Today’s outfit features a draped blouse which is not only comfortable but also works pretty well for me!


I absolutely love how the soft drape pattern of this white top is tailored closer to the hem as I was able to tuck the mid-section into my denim tights to create a ruched effect which I find very elegant and charming. As the top is oversized, the overall look is casual yet chic as well!

Hope you enjoy this street-style outfit and see you again this coming Saturday!

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30 thoughts on “A Drape Blouse With Denim Leggings

  1. 3 words. Old hollywood glamour! Ah I love this outfit it’s minimalistic yet so chic! Definitely one of my favorites from you (I really don’t have A favorite cuz I literally love them all!) You wear them so well Prudence from classy to feminine to girly to glam, not a style you can rock! I really love the folds they just give the entire outfit character. You are so adorable dear!!! 🙂 xo~ Lena


  2. Denim leggings sound like the best thing since sweatpants haha! I love how everything drapes so nicely and loosely in the outfit but it doesn’t look frumpy at all!
    Happy Friday!
    Much Love,


  3. Hey, I don’t even remember how I came to your blog, but I like it.
    This is the perfect monochrome outfit – so chic and elegant. The top is very beautiful and the hat just completes the whole look.

    I love finding fellow bloggers. Would you love following each other on Bloglovin?
    Let me know, please 🙂

    Lu | http://www.balgarka.co.uk


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