A Plaid Collar Burberry Polo


I am someone who does not believe in spending a fortune to look stylish so I do not own many luxury brand products. Those that I do own are usually gifts from family and the Burberry polo top featured in this post was a Birthday present.


The plaid trend is all the rage this season and I have seen this print on all sorts of fashionable items including tops, bottoms, scarves, bags and gloves. However, I have yet to see plaid on just the collars of a top and I really like it that this piece is designed this way. It exudes more of a minimalist vibe compared to a fully plaid top.

To create an overall feminine style, I used a silk scarf to tie a bow over the top’s collar and paired it with a pretty plaid skirt which was also featured here.

Thanks so much for reading and hope you liked this look! See you again next Tuesday!

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45 thoughts on “A Plaid Collar Burberry Polo

  1. You look gorgeous! the shoes are so pretty and the little scarf is the perfect finishing touch ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. very stylish outfit. I`m not into expensive as well, but your burberry polo is lovely. It looks wonderful together with the scarf. Thank you for inspiration.


    • I am fine Sharon, thanks for checking out my blog! My new online shop website is in its final touches of set-up (I know it’s taking forever)so technically, not really running any business currently! I see my personal blog more like a hobby for now although it requires work too of course :)! Hope you are well, maybe we can catch up one of these days.


      • Hello Prudence! Nice to hear you are doing well for the blog. I like what you’re featuring. Looks like you’re a natural at doing this – very comfortable in your skin. 🙂 *thumbs up* It’s great to see you have a new website look for Lace and Buttons, and seems like you also have a change in the types of dresses – more dressy and occasions. I’m in a midst of looking for a job, clearing up some projects and pending outstanding payments. Yeah we need to catch up 🙂 It’s been a while. I’ll drop you a msg soon~


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