A Black Outfit

I love Japanese fashion labels and was quite surprised when I heard news that the Japanese fashion chain, Lowrys Farm, is withdrawing from Singapore this year in February. The brand is currently holding its farewell sale in all its local retail stores and I got for myself the pair of staple black denim leggings as featured.

I simply love versatile jeans or quality leggings as they seem to go with almost anything in the wardrobe, be it a pretty blouse or a chic tee. In this instance, I decided to match it with a sheer black lace top for a slightly sexy vibe and finished the look with a classy bag and heels.

Hope you like this weekend look and thanks so much for reading! Have a great day and see you!

Top – L’zzie
Bottom – Lowrys Farm
Heels – Bugis Street 
Bag – Lafibre 

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47 thoughts on “A Black Outfit

  1. “I decided to match it with a sheer black lace top for a slightly sexy vibe…” Slightly sexy vibe is a “sheer” understatement! ;-D That top is unbelievably sexy on you and the black leggings are perfect as they draw the eyes to the top. Great choice on bag and shoes as well. Nice job Pru, looking very feminine and classy!!


    • Thank you Jasmine! Yes, such a pity this clothing line is leaving Singapore but luckily there are many other great brands too! Hope you enjoy your stay in Singapore!


  2. Ooh, I might go shopping in Japan in a couple of months! What are your recommended fashion labels? Are there any affordable ones? Would love to know more!


    • Thanks for dropping by Jess! Definitely will recommend Uniqlo located in Ginza, Tokyo. It is the world’s largest Uniqlo store with 12 storeys! Another brand I like is called Rosebullet which is more expensive but you may be able to get some good deals when there is sales!


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  4. Wow what a lovely outfit! I really like the lace detail top. I feel you can never have too much lace in your wardrobe ^_^ it makes any outfit a bit softer I feel.

    I just started following your blog, cannot wait to see more of your outfits.

    I was just wondering if you’re interested in joining a outfit contest? The winner will be featured on MyFashionStage.com (fashion community), on all social media AND will win $500 USD. Visit New Year New Look Contest for more details.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work 🙂


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