A White Cut-Out Dress With Blue Booties


Weight fluctuation is a condition I have struggled with since young as I love desserts and don’t exercise as much as I should. Whenever I realize that I have gained too much weight, I will go on a strict diet which can last for a month or two. This process is usually very effective and I will lose enough weight to become slimmer, but it also means that there are many clothes in my wardrobe that don’t fit me as well anymore.

The dress featured today is a piece which I bought when I was a size bigger. To achieve a more fitted silhouette, I tied the waist area with a high quality sash I bought at the craft store.



I really love the pretty cut-outs of the dress and how light and feminine the overall design is! I think that the blue booties with the cute stripe bow details matches very well with the dress and blue sash too.

Thanks for reading and hope you like this look! Have a great week ahead!

Dress – KissJane
Blue Sash – Spotlight
Booties – Bugis Street
Clutch – Osaka, Japan

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37 thoughts on “A White Cut-Out Dress With Blue Booties

  1. So feminine, and those booties tie it all together–they are sexy. Pru–I love that photo of you with the full smile. You should post more smiling pix. I know it doesn’t seem as “fashion model-y” as serious looks, but you have the most beautiful smile! I really love this outfit. White and blue are great colors on you. Wonderful! –Mark


  2. Love the entire look Pru. Such amazing dress, and don’t make me start on those shoes. Absolutely amazing look. Have a great day. Mel
    New post up @www.livingoncloude9.com


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