An All-Pink Outfit


I used to be a compulsive shopper and tend to buy more clothes then I need, especially when I thought an item is value for money. Over the years, I have given away many bags of clothing to charity, particularly those that I bought on impulse and which did not look that ideal on my petite frame.

The dress featured today is actually a piece I have considered giving away many times as I find the kimono sleeves a little overwhelming for my size. Nevertheless, I always manage to find some redeeming qualities about this number which makes me continue to keep it. To be honest, the fact that the design bears some resemblance to a kimono is what enticed me most!


As pink is one of my favorite colors and is also a very popular shade to wear this season, I wanted to create an all-pink outfit look which is unique and not overly sweet.

Hope you enjoy this post and see you again this weekend!

Dress – Her Velvet Vase
Clutch – Bugis Street
Shoes – Jelly Bunny

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37 thoughts on “An All-Pink Outfit

  1. Hi Prudence,

    I know this problem very well, I usually buy more clothes than I would ever need. By the way your dress is really cute, such a luck that you have not give it away 😀

    Have a great weekend,


  2. Pru you look beautiful here. This is a very flattering dress the way it resembles a kimono. The color is perfect. I think the shoes are sexy but also a bit girly with the flower, my idea of the perfect shoe on a woman. I really like the all-matching colors of dress-purse shoe. This happens to be one of my personal likes. You got the colors just right! And more photos of you with that fabulous smile! –Mark in Ohio


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