A Color-Block Top And A Ruche Skirt


My husband is a great fan of musicals so when “Cats” returned to the Singapore stage recently, we were really eager to watch the show! As expected, the fast-paced performance turned out to be very entertaining, with spectacular makeup and costumes, as well as beautiful music and dance.

I kept my outfit for the show simple but classy.


The top I was wearing is one of my favorite pieces as I really like its elegant color block design using nude and black. The nude portion is not sheer but has a subtle effect of looking like it is, which I thought is quite alluring. The black ruched skirt is a classic piece I used to wear to the office when I worked full-time in corporate. It matches really well with the top in my opinion!

Hope you enjoy this post and see you again soon!

Top –Bugis Street
Skirt –Β MGP
Shoes – Kiyo
Bag – LaFibre

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38 thoughts on “A Color-Block Top And A Ruche Skirt

  1. such a unique dress…I love how the nude fabric on top creates and illusion of bare sleeves while in fact they’re not…such a sophisticated and feminine look!
    absolutely perfect for the occasion…and how cool that you have a husband that likes musicals? I usually take my mother to opera because my husband’s isn’t exactly a fan…we don’t have much musicals here….too bad, I’d like to see one but I guess they’re just not as popular as classical ballet and other theater performances.


  2. oh wow! This dress makes it look like it is sheer on top but it is not! Awesome. ❀
    You look so beautiful babe!! Those bag, pumps, and oh my goodness that necklace is so fantastic! πŸ™‚


  3. I never would have guessed this wasn’t a dress. It’s beautiful, and the shoes are so sexy yet elegant. Let me add something no one else has said. Your husband is a lucky man to walk around town with a gorgeous, well-dressed lady like you on his arm. You can tell him I said so! πŸ™‚ –Mark in Ohio


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