A Valentine’s Day Red Dress


I know of people who regard Valentine’s as a commercialized event and no doubt there is some truth in this belief. However, I do feel that a day set aside to remind couples or close friends of the significance of expressing their love for each other is very meaningful and important. This is the reason why my husband and I still continue to celebrate this occasion after many years together.

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I will be featuring a few looks which I think will be suitable for this occasion, with the first look starting with this post!







As red is one of the main colors synonymous with Valentine’s, a striking red dress will be a great choice for this occasion!  I am recently obsessed with statement necklaces after looking at a post on Wendy’s Lookbook  in which a stunning piece was featured. This set me on a lookout for a chunky design that is affordable yet seriously gorgeous! I was so happy when I finally found the one that made my heart flutter and needless to say, I immediately thought of matching it with this red dress.

Hope you enjoy the post and I will be featuring a second look for Valentine’s next week! See you again then!

Dress – KissJane
Necklace And Bag – Humblebones boutique at Scape Mall
Shoes – Kiyo

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41 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Red Dress

  1. A really sweet red dress! ♥ I love this look, The necklace and the shoes are matching perfectly. What are you going to do with your husband von Valentine’s Day?

    Have a nice sunday,


  2. What a beautiful dress…perfect for Valentine’s day…and you I must say look fantastic!

    I also really like that wonderful necklace! It is so perfect for that dress<3

    Some people are feeling anti-Valentine's day these days, but I'm not….for me it's just a nice chance to spend some time with my husband. Just because this holiday is becoming more and more commercial doesn't mean we have to stop celebrating it our own way, right:)?

    Glad to hear you and your husband are still celebrating it!



  3. The necklace is gorgeous! I love how it matches your handbag as to those chains and style. The necklace somehow reminds me of Katy Perry; I don’t know why, maybe the diamond shape and Katy has a perfume like that? Idk. Anyway, I really like this outfit. I think that red dress for Valentine’s dinner so classy that it will even persuade the man to love the Valentine’s day too (and maybe have it more often to see you in that dress again).


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