Chic Office Wear With Statement Pieces — And More Inspirations!


It’s Monday again! Hope everyone had a great start to the week!

The outfit featured today is what I consider a chic style suitable for the office if you stay in a country with a colder climate. As many of us work at least five days a week, it may get somewhat challenging to find work wear that is not boring yet office-appropriate at the same time. To introduce some creativity to an outfit, what always work for me is to include a couple of statement pieces to the overall aesthetics. This can be in the form of an accessory (e.g. jewelry), an apparel with a unique shape (e.g. asymmetrical skirt) or an outstanding printed pattern, such as the animal print jacket I wore in these pictures taken in Paris.






If you need more inspirations on what to (or not) wear to work, I have rounded up five related posts which you should find useful.

1) 20 of Our Most Favorite Spring Work Outfit Ideas, Ever! – As the title implies, this post features a gallery of twenty chic office-appropriate styles for your references. I like that ladies of different shapes and sizes are used as examples.

2) 7 Office Wear Ideas & How To Not Dress Boring To Work – What is the image you like to present at the workplace? This comprehensive post gives you ideas of how you can style Classic, Casual Business, Careless Chic, Glamorous, Sophisticated, Simple And Feminine OR Edgy with office-appropriate outfits.

3) What You Can (And Can’t) Wear To Work – A very interesting post which includes the findings from a poll of over 2000 readers on what they believe are office-appropriate dress code in either a corporate, business-casual or creative office environment.

4) 11 Items You Should Never Wear To Work — Are You Guilty? –  Opinions from industry experts such as fashion market directors on a list of items that one should refrain from wearing to the office.

5) What to Wear To a Fashion Job Interview – Fashion Blogger, Sydne Summer, shares “8 rules to follow when dressing for a job interview in style”.

Hope you like this post and see you again soon! Have a great week ahead.


37 thoughts on “Chic Office Wear With Statement Pieces — And More Inspirations!

  1. I agree that it is not easy to find working outfit which always look chic yet professional. Usually I tend to wear dress (more lke etui dress) at work. From time to time I will use blouse and skirt or trousers. Never tried animal print jacket, but looks fun!



  2. Thanks for the tips! You so very chic indeed. Is it still that cold where you live? It’s getting warm here in the states (not complaining tho). Enjoy the rest of your week!


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