How To Wear Lace At Work


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Lace is a fabric I seldom wear to the office as I am concerned that it may appear too girly, sweet or even sexy. When I do decide to wear lace to work, I usually choose designs that incorporate other fabric as well, apart from the lace itself. The waterfall front cardigan featured today is an example of a lace outfit I find suitable for the office environment and I paired it with a sheer panel skirt which was also featured here. As I am really obsessed with tassel accessories recently, I couldn’t help matching these Paris purchases with the outfit for a more casual Friday office look.


If you are interested to find out more office-appropriate ways to wear lace, here are three posts that can provide you with more ideas.

1) Lace is Still Hot: Modern Ways to Wear Lace For Spring & Summer 2015
A detailed article about the subject topic written with a personal tone and a touch of humor. I love that the author came up with a smart equation for wearing lace – Pretty (cute, sweet) + Funky (hip, edgy) = Chic (unique, balanced).

2) Things I Learned About Wearing Lace
Style blogger, Audrey, shares how she learned to work lace outfits into her wardrobe although she used to find them too romantic for her personality.

3) Office Attire: Lace Clothing To Wear At Work
A post featuring many examples of how to match lace apparels with tailored pieces for that office worthy style.

Thank you for reading and see you again later!


35 thoughts on “How To Wear Lace At Work

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