“I Can And I Will” Tee And Best Places To Shop For Graphic Text T-Shirts

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great start to the week.

Graphic text tees seem to be very popular this season and I have seen such designs in several well-known fashion stores and boutiques. I became a fan of this trend after realizing how chic a top with a cute graphic text quote can be! As black and gold is one of my favorite color combinations, the featured tee naturally caught my attention and I decided to wear it on the day before we departed from Paris. The weather had turned warmer towards the end of our trip and we were glad that we didn’t have to pile on layers of clothing when we visited the beautiful Le Palais Royal and its surrounding areas!

If you like outfits with the black and gold color palette, I had previously featured two other looks here and here for your reference. To end off, here are some really cute graphic text tees from some of the best places to shop in my opinion!


Festival Print Top From Stradivarus
Give Up Shopping Muscle Tee From Forever 21
Bershka Men’s Cut T-shirt From Bershka
Totally Classy Graphic Tee From Abercrombie & Fitch

Thank you for reading and wishing you a great week ahead! See you!

Top –  HarborFront Centre
Skirt – Osmose
Jacket – Style Dasher
Shoes – Andre, Paris
Bag- Maroquinerie Saint Honore, Paris


44 thoughts on ““I Can And I Will” Tee And Best Places To Shop For Graphic Text T-Shirts

  1. I have seen quite a few funny graphic tees popping up in store. I want to buy them but am afraid some are just too cheeky. Haha! I do like the ‘I could give up shopping but I’m not a quitter’, that would make my husband roll his eyes to the back of his head. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


  2. So cute! I agree, I found graphic tees a lot more appealing when I started seeing them mixed with dressier items. So chic and fun!


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