How To Add A Feminine Touch To Workwear

Happy Mid-Week everyone!

I know I have been really late in trying the pink and grey outfit trend which was really popular last season, but better late than never right? I have quite a number of pink dresses but do not even own one pink bottom, which partly explains why I have not attempted this color combination until now. To be honest, I still haven’t found a purely pink skirt or pants that I am willing to invest in so I have to be a little creative in order to come up with the post today. The light pink lace bottom featured here is a convertible dress worn as a skirt while the grey top is actually a dress!

Combining ruffles with lace is one of the easiest way to create a feminine look and I really like how pretty the outfit turns out. This style is definitely office appropriate too so if you are looking for ways to add more feminine details into your work wear, I hope this is an outfit that provides you with some inspiration!

To end off, here are some more ideas on how to add a feminine style to work wear –

1) Wear designs with ribbon or bow embellishment, be it a shirt with a bow neckline, bow ballerina flats or a shift dress with bows on it, like the piece I wore here.

2) Wear vibrant floral patterns (some examples are featured in this post here)! Floral printed outfits suitable for the workplace are usually very popular in Spring/Summer. And who wouldn’t associate bright floral with femininity? If a dress with floral prints throughout is too much for you, try matching a mono-colored shirt with a floral bottom instead.

3) Wear pearl or diamond accessories with simple designs such as a pair of diamond or pearl studs. Such jewelry are classic and will give your outfit a professional yet feminine touch.

4) Wear structured or tailored designs in pretty colors! For instance, instead of classic shades such as monochrome and nude, try blazers and pants in pastel shades such as pink or mint.

5) Wear a crop top with a high-waist midi skirt. If your office environment is not too conservative and a peek of your midriff when you move about will not bring you disapproving stares from your boss, I think this may be a style you can consider trying! While a crop top is chic and a little sexy, a high waist midi skirt will balanced the outfit with a touch of modesty and femininity.

Thanks for reading and see you again soon!

Dress Worn As Top – PepperPlus

Dress Worn As Skirt – Infinity Dress Styles, Available Here

Bag – MISS BOLSOS, Paris

Shoes – Jelly Bunny


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