What to Wear to A Wedding In Spring/Summer

Summer is approaching and it is no surprise that many couples like to hold their weddings during this season as the weather is warm. If you have started receiving invites to weddings, have you also decided on what to wear for these occasions? Although there are numerous options to choose from, I think that it will be perfect to wear striking prints to a modern day wedding during the Spring/Summer season to complement with the brimming life associated with the warmer months! Prints with vibrant colors will be fun to wear to a wedding but I think more elegant colors such as monochrome or purple will always be appropriate too!

Most weddings are held on the weekends but what if you have to attend a wedding on a weekday evening? If you are not intending to bring a change of clothes, the best bet is to wear something that is formal enough for work yet festive enough for a wedding. I feel the dress featured in this post is a good example due to it’s office-appropriate length and classy silhouette, yet really striking prints!

To end off, here are some suggestions of what to wear to a wedding in Spring/Summer:


From Beautiful Black Dress With Exquisite Floral Placements; A Cute Stripes Floral Dress

1) Floral Designs – Beautiful floral-printed pieces are extremely suitable for a warm season wedding, especially one in a garden setting! For something classic, go for a flattering floral skater dress. If you prefer something more chic, consider a floral jumpsuit instead.

cocktail complete

From Formal And Casual Fashion In Blue And White; Little Lantern Cocktail Dress

2) Cute Cocktail Dress – If you are invited to a wedding cocktail on Thursday night as recommended by this post, “Hosting a Weekday Wedding? Here Are a Few Things to Consider”, a shorter dress will be a really fun and charming choice, especially if the wedding also includes a dance component. It is important though not to go too short if you are attending a black-tie wedding as you do not want to upstage the bride.


From  A Statement Rose Midi Skirt ; An Off-shoulder Top And Colorful Skirt

3) Off-Shoulder Outfit – If you will like to show off some skin without appearing too sexy, an off-shoulder style dress or top will make a perfect choice. These designs are usually really pretty and lovely.

From Pinstripe Tube Dress in Monochrome

4) Tube Maxi Dress – Great quality maxi dresses are perfect for weddings as they usually look very feminine and sophisticated. Go with a more fitted and modest design if you are attending a church wedding but feel free to put on a piece with a more relaxed or airy vibe for a beach wedding. Lace-up sandals would match really well with a beach maxi dress!

Hope these ideas and looks provide you with some inspiration on what you can wear to a wedding! Thanks so much for reading and see you again later!


33 thoughts on “What to Wear to A Wedding In Spring/Summer

  1. I am so in love with that Lantern Cocktail Dress. I never know what to wear to a wedding. I hate just wearing black because it feels a little morbid, but I also can never find cute, colorful dresses that fit my body either. I love the monochromatic dresses you posted with little pops of color. I’m definitely going to start gravitating toward this look for weddings.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’


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