How To Release Your Inner Bohemian Spirit

Happy Mid-Week everyone!

Releasing the bohemian spirt is a topic I find very interesting to blog about as it covers both the fashionable and emotional sides of an individual. In my mind, a bohemian spirit is synonymous with an attitude of being free-spirited and open-minded, as well as leading a life less prone to stress. While it may take more effort and experience to regulate our emotions, it is definitely easier to work on some of the physical aspects. Here come some of my tips to releasing your inner bohemian spirit –

1) Dress The Part 

Wear comfortable and beautiful clothes which make you feel perfectly in your own skin. Being free-spirited should include a freedom to reflect or discover your personal style without compromising on your level of comfort. But if you really want to rock the bohemian style, by all means go for such outfits which are so popular during Summer!


Lace-Paneled Off-the-Shoulder Dress ; Lace-Up Diamond Print Dress Both From Forever 21

Personally, I love the airy style of bohemian dresses as they are not only comfortable, but also exude a romantic vibe that I find very charming! Gladiator or lace-up sandals will look beautiful with a bohemian dress but if you prefer to add some height, a pair of flatform wedges should work too. Fringed or tasseled accessories can contribute to that seventies inspired bohemian vibe as well, so add some of these to your outfit if you like!

You can also consider braiding or creating soft waves to your hairstyle to complete a lovely boho chic look. This post, “5 Awesome Festival Hairstyle Tutorials“, offers some ways to create that gorgeous hairstyle!

2) Care Less About What Others Think of You And Go After What is Really Important To You

The truth is, we can never please everyone no matter how hard we try. Rather than conforming to social expectations all the time, take a moment to reflect on what you really need and want in life and pursue it with a passion. It is better to live a life of no regrets having gone after a dream than living to regret that you have not done it when you could have.

3) Be Open-minded to Making Mistakes

The outcomes of going after your life goals may not always turn out to be what you envisioned, but you will always learn important lessons along the way which is more valuable than you can imagine. Be open minded to learning from your mistakes instead of seeing them as obstacles to your path. Understand that many of the most influential and successful people have gone through numerous failures before they become the person whom the world knows them to be.

4) Don’t Let Your Temper Control You And Learn to Control Your Temper

Part of being free-spirited means to be free from negative thoughts and emotions. While this is not possible all the time, it will help to identify stressors in your life that contribute to a bad temper and learn to deal with them, such as deliberately changing your focus of attention as mentioned in this post, “Find Relief From The Stress Of Life’s Daily Hassles“. Personally, I find it useful to think about the things that I am truly grateful for in my life whenever I feel angry or stressed. A strong positive feeling of gratitude is powerful enough to overcome many negative emotions.

Thank you for reading and hope you are able to take away some ideas from this post! See you.

Dress – Pull And Bear

Shoes – Aldo

Bag – Dip Drops

Bracelets – Mango


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