Spring/Summer Essentials 2015 – Floral Fever And More

Products copy

Dr Martens 1461 3 Eye Shoe Black From UnionJack Boots

Embroidered Lace Fringe Top From Forever 21

Cut Work Mini Leather Bag From Zara

Patterned Scarf From H&M

Floral A-Line Dress From Forever 21

Florals are the go-to prints in Spring / Summer so if you have not got on board the floral trend bandwagon yet, it is definitely the time to do so! I am really excited to see more gorgeous floral print fashion items appearing in the shopping scene, ranging from apparels to a wide range of accessories! Apart from florals, other Spring / Summer styles which I really adore this year include the seventies-inspired fringe and tassel trend, pretty lace as well as intricate eyelet details. Here are a few of my favorite picks this season:

1) Dr Martens 1461 3 Eye Shoe Black – It is really refreshing to see English Vintage floral prints on a classic pair of oxford silhouette! If you love wearing minimalist outfits or like to go for monochrome colored apparels, why not add a touch of Spring / Summer to your looks with a pair of floral print shoes? You may be pleasantly surprised by the result!

2) Embroidered Lace Fringe Top – Lace is always popular but when combined with fringe details, it exudes a boho chic charm that is perfect for Spring/Summer 2015!

3) Cut Work Mini Leather Bag – This is a love at first sight for me! Like lace outfits, bucket bags are usually well-received due to its effortlessly chic style. Apart from the cute tassel drawstrings, what draws me to this piece is its lovely eyelet patterns. Just too pretty to overlook!

4) Patterned Scarf – A vibrant floral scarf will be a great accessory to add to an outfit as it can be tied in so many different ways! I don’t know about you, but just looking at a beautiful piece of floral fabric which I can wrap around where ever I need makes me a happy lady!

5) Floral A-Line Dress – A beautiful floral print dress is a must for Spring / Summer in my opinion! Be it for the workplace, a casual day out or a beach party, you can find floral print designs suitable for your needs easily during this time of the year. Go for a plunging neckline if you are looking to make a statement!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy this post! Have a great weekend and see you again soon!

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