Why You Should Wear White This Summer

White is one of the most beautiful colors to wear in my opinion and I can’t seem to stop wearing it recently! If you are not a fan of wearing this versatile color yet, read on to find out why you should!

White is classic 

Like black, white is always in trend although it seems to be a particularly popular color to wear in Spring/Summer. In actual fact, white can be worn any time of the year without looking outdated and matches easily with many other colors.

White is flattering

White outfits are suitable for every body shape and size. While not everyone looks good in stark white, there are a variety of  shades to choose from such as cream, eggshell, ivory and more. A combination of different shades of white as well as fabric choices (i.e. textured or non-textured) can lead to an extremely fresh and summery look that you will love! The key is to experiment with these different factors to find out what works best for you.

White can be dressed up or down easily

Taking today’s featured outfit as an example, a white maxi dress can be matched with a pair of classic pumps for a more formal occasion (like in the first two pictures) or a pair of sandals for a casual look (last few pictures).

White is very romantic

If you love feminine designs as much as I do, white is definitely one of the most lovely and pretty colors to wear. To avoid looking too much like a bride though, it is advisable that you choose your shoes carefully. If unsure, go for chic shoe designs (e.g. open toe lace-up sandals in contrasting colors such as cobalt blue or red) to match with a white dress.

White is sleek and polished 

While a white dress can be really pretty, a white suit for the workplace can look very professional and commands a strong presence. For a smart office look, go for fuss-free white designs with clean, sharp lines and a slimmer silhouette. Pencil skirts and fit-and-flare boot-cut pants are great selections.

Hope you enjoy this post and thank you for reading! See you again later!

Dress – KissJane, Similar Here And Designer Version Here and Here
Shoes – Sandals from Aldo And Pumps from Bugis Street
Bag – Perllini


50 thoughts on “Why You Should Wear White This Summer

  1. You are so beautiful…and you look like a goddess in white! I adore this beautiful dress! You have awesome reasons, and I agree, white is a great color to wear! I’m currently on the hunt for that wow-factor white dress!! Found yours, you look amazing!!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Little Red Dress


  2. This look is amazing on you. I would definitely want to try white out because I’m usually scared of wearing white😏


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