Important Beach Essentials To Pack For A Beach Resort Getaway

I have never been much of a beach person but reading blogs like Tuula and Fashion Me Now has released that part of my soul that craves for the beauty and vastness of the sea. Summer is the best time to visit the beach so my hubby and I decided to take a short beach resort staycation recently.

For me, although going to the beach is a wonderful treat in itself, the fun part of the whole experience definitely includes the part where I get to pack cute beach wear and essentials for the trip. I will be sharing some of my beach outfit looks on the blog starting with this all-white ensemble! An off-shoulder eyelet top with an airy silhouette makes a perfect beach cover-up in my opinion and I matched it with a pair of denim shorts for that casual chic vibe.

If you are planning to visit the beach too, some beach essentials that you should take note of include the following –

1) A tote bag that is big enough to carry your beach essentials and ideally be waterproof. In my case, I managed to get hold of an acrylic material tote that will not be damaged if it gets in contact with water. Of course, an inexpensive canvas tote bag can work too if you do not mind disposing it once it is worn out.

2) A comfortable pair of flip-flops or sandals is great for the beach. I chose a pair which comes with padding for extra comfort and lace-up design as it is not only super chic but also offers good support for my feet. To find out more examples of the best beach shoes to wear, read more here.

3) Sunscreen – This is pretty straightforward but a reminder is well warranted as it is an extremely important product to bring along to the beach. Reapply sunscreen more often if you perspire a lot or will be in the water. I recently found out about the existence of sunscreen in powder form from this post here. Just like to share as it may be useful for people who need to apply sunscreen over their makeup frequently.

4) Waterproof casing for your electronic gadgets – If you need to bring your tablet or mobile phone to the beach, make sure they are well protected to prevent damages.

5) Beach towel – Not just any towel but one designed for the beach. In contrast to a regular towel,  a beach version is usually bigger, less likely to retain sand and become waterlogged.  This is important for a more enjoyable experience lounging along the shore-side. And apparently, there is a right and wrong way to use a beach towel according to this post here. Click on the link if you are interested to find out more.

6) Miscellaneous – Any other items that will make your stay at the beach more fun, such as easy to carry around snacks, a great book, board games or a camera to capture beautiful moments.

Thanks for reading and if there are any other essentials I missed out, feel free to add your comment below! See you.

Top And Bottom – Cotton On

Bag – Aldo

Shoes – Sanuk


32 thoughts on “Important Beach Essentials To Pack For A Beach Resort Getaway

  1. Thank u very much for the beach essentials list , it will be really helpful on my next vacation


  2. This is such a fresh and playful beach look – the blouse especially! Beachwear can be so difficult when you’re moving from water to beach to beachfront … and this would be the perfect look for it! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice



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