Simple Living Tips – Enjoy Life To The Fullest With The Right Mindset

As mentioned in my last post here, I took a short beach staycation recently as I have been longing for some leisure time at the beach. Personally, I see a break like this one as conducive in helping me straighten out my thinking in matters that I find complicated and challenging to resolve.

Over the years, I have gradually realized that the mindset of over-complicating situations are extremely detrimental to one’s well being so I have been reading and reflecting on some ways to inculcate simplicity into daily living. I do not claim to have mastered everything but I do find some ideas very practical and useful. So here are some tips that I will like to share on how to lead a simpler and more joyful life –

1) Live life one day at a time

Dreading difficult situations is something all of us have experienced. Unfortunately, living a life of dread will rob us of our joy and are likely to lead us towards an attitude of procrastination and constant worrying. Instead of putting things off out of fear that the outcome will turn out badly, or simply out of laziness, it is usually much better to get the dreaded matter finished and be free to proceed on with other things.

When faced with a daunting task, break it down as much a possible and complete it step by step. If the matter cannot be resolved in one day, have patience and just continue to work on it one day at a time. It may take much energy and effort to get a dreaded activity done, but it definitely beats having the dread linger on continually.

2) Learn not to worry about every little error made

Our society has set many rules about how we should think and behave and if we do not meet the expectations, many of us will feel negatively about ourselves. The truth is, no one is infallible and being insistent on becoming “perfect” will only induce unnecessary stress on oneself. Learn to take yourself less seriously and enjoy the process of living where you are, on the way to where you are going. Everyone is bound to make mistakes along the way so just learn from your errors and become wiser and stronger!

3) Seeking to be well-balanced

In today’s world, the success and self-worth of a person seem to be heavily reliant on his or her financial status and career progression. This has resulted in more and more people becoming workaholics who crave for success at great sacrifices. Although work can be highly valuable and fulfilling, over-working complicates matters as it can hurt our love ones or our own health which may result in dire consequences eventually. Deriving a well-balanced lifestyle is an important key to leading a happier life with less complication. Time should be dedicated for both work and other major aspects of life.

4) Simplify desires

In a world of over-consumption, our desires can sometimes be fueled by greed and we become upset when we are not able to obtain what we want. Instead of struggling constantly to get things that we want and may not even need, it will be much easier to learn to desire less. It is critical that we do not let our desires dominate over us so much that we lose our joy if we are not able to have them. For those things that we do have, we should ensure full control over them and not let them have control over us.

Having a lot of possessions usually also means more responsibility to take care of them, which can lead to a more cluttered home. Such a living environment is not going to be comfortable and will be challenging to keep clean, so it is better to think twice before caving in to what we desire but do not really need.

5) Remain expectant of the good in life and preserve our childlikeness

Although bad news is rampant on the media, it is important not to be sucked up by all the negativity, and to believe in the goodness of the world. It will be best if we can strive to retain the uncanny abilities of children to enjoy life as it is, to be trusting and to turn work into play. These qualities come easily to children and we do possess these abilities too as we started off our life as kids. By continually protecting our inner child as we mature, we can live with simplicity in our approaches to situations and truly enjoy life.

Thank you for reading and hope you also enjoy the outfit pictures taken at Movenpick hotel during my beach staycation! See you later.

*The next post will be up on 8 Jun 2015 as I will be away on another retreat this week*

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