10 Things To Do To Make Your Life More Interesting

Most of us experience boredom from time to time and I believe seeking out new excitement or activities in our lives are definitely welcome in most cases. While there are numerous things that we can do to make our life more interesting, I believe it is important to explore ways that have a more lasting effect or can be repeated more frequently. Here are some of my suggestions –

1) Spend time lounging at the beach or a beautiful pool

There is something very therapeutic about water in my opinion so chilling at a lovely beach or pool can be very relaxing and fulfilling. Read a good book while lounging or if you have young children, just playing in a wading or paddling pool will be fun!

2) Look out for new places to try delicious food or test out new recipes

Whether you are a foodie or not, everyone has to eat so we might as well choose the best (my philosophy at least)! Having said this, I think many of us have gotten stuck into the routine of eating the same stuff all the time so it will be interesting to source out new places to dine.  If you are on a budget and will prefer to skip the fancy restaurants, why not find new recipes and whip up some dishes you have never attempted before? Exercising some creativity in the kitchen can be a really fun experience with an end product which can be consumed!

3) Pick up a new skill

Like cooking in point 2. If cooking is not your cup of tea, go for other activities which you want to learn and believe you can enjoy such as picking up a new language, playing a musical instrument or making your own jewelry. Mastering a new skill is highly fulfilling and will give you a huge sense of achievement. Your new skill can also become a favorite pastime and make life more interesting generally.

4) Go on a vacation or staycation

Image 1 – Staycation at a Local Hotel Near the Beach;
Image 2 – Short Visit to a Neighboring Country;
Image 3 – Plan for a Longer And More Intense Trip If Time And Budget Allows

Travelling is one of the best ways to make life more interesting as we get the chance to experience new cultures, see different sights from what we are usually accustomed to and even make new friends (when we stay in a hostel or join a travel group). If time or budget is an issue, plan for short visits to neighboring states or arrange for staycations instead. Whatever is your travel arrangements, periodic breaks from a hectic lifestyle or routine is likely to be both interesting and rejuvenating for your overall well-being. Just make sure your vacation schedule is not a hectic one!

5) Enjoy true intimacy with your spouse

Cuddle each other in bed or on the couch whenever possible to garner affection and closeness. Engage in pillow talks and enjoy each other’s presence through such relaxed and intimate conversations. Make love in the morning and enjoy all the benefits of doing so, such as feeling upbeat for the rest of the day! If you need some tips on cuddling or practical advice on morning sex, refer to these posts here and here respectively.

6) Change your image or consider going for image or style consultation

Changing your image like getting a new hairstyle or revamping your wardrobe can be really refreshing, which definitely makes life more interesting! It can definitely boost your confidence as well if you have been in a style rut for a long time. Start the process by recruiting the help of friends with a great sense of style and go shopping with them. However, if you need more advice and practical encouragement, consider engaging the help of a professional style consultant instead.

7) Invite love ones for a casual party or gathering

Take the initiative and invite close friends and family for a get-together at your place. If you are concerned about the work involved in throwing such an event, the good news is that organizing a casual party need not be overly elaborate and you can also keep the number of people you want to invite small. For tips on how to organize a stress-free gathering, refer to this post here. Alternatively, it is always possible to catch up with love ones at your favorite cafes or restaurants too!

8) Take up a competitive sport or engage in quiet time activities

While I am more inclined toward quiet time activities such as reading and drawing, my husband enjoys more competitive activities such as tennis and basketball. Depending on your personal preferences, life will definitely be more interesting if we take time to pursue what we truly enjoy doing (outside of work) on a daily or weekly basis.

9) Networking

Networking is a fantastic way to know more people and build meaningful relationships, due to the similar interests shared by people who join networking events, be it business or hobby related. If you are interested in business networking, you may want to look into this post “Top 10 Business Networking Groups You Should Join” here. For other types of networking opportunities, explore here and here. Whatever your objective of joining networking events is, getting to know new people is likely to make life more interesting!

10) Volunteering

If there is a certain cause you are passionate about, why not consider becoming a volunteer for that cause? Apart from lending a helping hand to those in need, volunteering also offers opportunities to meet like-minded people who share similar interest with you.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this post! If you have more tips to share on how to make life more interesting, feel free to share in the comment section. See you!


43 thoughts on “10 Things To Do To Make Your Life More Interesting

  1. This is a very good article. Unusual, but so good. I enjoyed reading your tips and agree with you for all of these great ideas. We shouldn’t let ourselves to get bored or depressed, when life offers so much to enjoy 🙂


  2. I love your tips! so important to feel engaged with world and enjoying every moment of it even if its something simple like having a cup of tea in bed with a loved one or going on a walk on the beach. Having people you care about around is definitely one of the big ones for me, love my family and friends and husband and am always happier when Im around them xxx

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