5 Beach Cover Up Styles For Beach Lovers

Happy mid-week!

Just a quick post today featuring a few types of beach cover-up styles, two of which I have worn during my retreat –

1) Shirt Style Beach Cover Up

A long shirt or shirt-dress can be worn as a cover up at the beach or simply by itself. Typically, the material of a shirt style cover up is translucent or thinner than a normal shirt. Simply add a slip underneath and the cover up should be appropriate enough for other casual events as well. Personally, I find that the dual usage of a shirt style cover up makes it a pretty practical wardrobe staple!

Some other examples below.

shirt beach cover-up

Amita Naithani Lace Detail Swim Cover Up From Lord And Taylor
Cotton Boyfriend Shirt Swim Cover Up From Soma
Mara Hoffman Rainbow Stripe Gauze Swim Cover Up Dress From Bloomingdale’s
Tommy Bahama Dip-Dyed Knit Boyfriend CoverUp Shirt From Neiman Marcus

2) Embroidered Beach Cover Up

The piece that I wore is actually a traditional Kebaya bought in Malacca. As the fabric is very light and thin, I find it suitable as a cover up. If you love the idea of wearing a Kebaya for your beach retreat, you may want to explore this shop on Etsy hereΒ which specializes in Peranakan fashion.

Alternatively, here are some examples of beach cover up or kimono with pretty embroidery on them.

embroidered cover up

Adana Embroidered Kimono From Monsoon
Hand-Embroidered Kimono From OndadeMar
Elissa Embroidered Kimono From Accessorize
Surf Gypsy Floral Embroidered Rope Fringe Kimono From ASOS

3) Crochet Lace Cover Up


PilyQ Noah Tunic Swim Cover Up From Bloomingdale’s

Lace is super popular for all types of apparels this season and crochet lace beach cover up can be found everywhere, both online and in-stores. They add a romantic vibe to all types of swimwear and are really pretty!

4) Printed Beach Cover Up


Jessica Simpson Printed Tunic Cover Up From Macy’s

Vibrant prints are always well received during this time of the year and fun tropical or colorful prints on beach cover up are definitely delightful and summery to look at!

5) Fringe Beach Cover Up


PilyQ Monique Swim Cover Up From Bloomingdale’s

While fringe looks really hippie on most normal apparels, I am impressedΒ to find some fringe beach cover-up looking quite sophisticated and unique, like the piece featured above!

Thank you for reading and see you again soon!


43 thoughts on “5 Beach Cover Up Styles For Beach Lovers

  1. oh that’s a wonderful post:-) thanks so much for sharing your tips with us!
    i always feel so naked if i’m only wearing the bikini to places other than the pool or the beach… for example if i have to go to the toilet or grab something to eat haha. maybe i’m just a weirdo… i have a really long kimono that i always throw over my bikini :-.)

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11


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