9 Crop Top Styles To Suit Every Occasion

Today’s post is all about crop tops seen by many as a Summer fashion staple!

I used to think that crop tops are only for teenagers or ladies in their early twenties but have realized that they can be suitable for many age groups and occasions as well. Without further ado, here are some really chic ways to style a crop top!

1) Shorts

An example is the featured look of today’s post. I think a crop top with shorts is a great look for the beach and can be use as a cover-up for a bikini as well.  If you like more ideas on different types of beach cover-up, refer to my previous here.

2) Short Swing Skirt


Source from H&M

A cute floral skirt with a feminine crop top will make a lovely summery outfit, if you like to add a girly vibe to your overall look!

3) Midi Skirt


Source from Mango

A crop top with a midi skirt can look really cool when paired with a boxy jacket. Match this look with flats or summer sandals for a charmingly effortless style.

4) Jeans

white jeans

Source from Zara

An airy crop top looks great with a flattering pair of flare jeans or skinny jeans for that comfortable and chic weekend style!

5) Bandage or Pencil Skirt

bandage skirt

Source From Nasty Gal

If you love a style that is sophisticated yet sexy at the same time, try pairing a long sleeve crop top with a sleek bandage or pencil skirt to achieve the desired effect!

6) Suit  


Source From Zara

For a casual Friday office look, consider matching a crop top with a tailored suit. This style is professional enough for the workplace on a dress-down Friday and perfect for your after work parties too!

7) Vest 


Source From Forever 21

A long vest has the effect of instantly making an outfit look more cool and stylish. Add a vest to your basic crop top to embed a touch of edge to your overall summer style.

8) High-Waist Wide Leg or Palazzo Pants

palazzo pants

Source From Nasty Gal

Opt for a crop top with a uniquely bold silhouette and match it with a pair of striking wide-leg pants if you will like to stand out from the crowd! This is a look that is sure to “wow” your audience!

9) Maxi Skirt 

yellow maxi

Source From Lulu’s

A crop top can look very classy and chic when paired with a maxi skirt! Yellow is an extremely popular color to wear this summer so you may want to consider going for an eye-catching yellow crop top + maxi skirt combo for your next formal event!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the post! Which crop top style do you like the most?


39 thoughts on “9 Crop Top Styles To Suit Every Occasion

  1. Crop tops are definitely not age-dependent – not when they can be worn with such a flat stomach as yours! 🙂 I love pairing them with jeans, personally.. although only ever when in warmer climates than the UK haha.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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