Beach Event Dress Theme – Blue, Green And Aquamarine

I have never attended a beach wedding before but if given the chance, I am likely to opt for a dress with a color close to that of the beautiful sea! For a person who loves all things related to weddings, I personally love the idea of dressing according to the wedding theme or venue. If you are like me and have a beach wedding or event to attend, here are some options you may love –

The dress featured is a convertible design from my online store here. What I really love about it, is how the pretty Tiffany green chiffon fabric layers over the original Tiffany blue stretchy fabric, creating a soft aquamarine shade. There are many ways to wear this dress since it’s convertible and how I wore it in this case is to wear the back as the front, so that the aquamarine shade becomes the focus color of the outfit. If worn in its original way, there will be a lovely subtle color-blocking effect such that the top is in Tiffany blue and the bottom is in aquamarine. If you are interested, some other convertible styles I have featured previously can be found here , here and here too.

Below are a few other examples of beautiful dresses which I believe will suit the color theme of a beach event –

Source From John Lewis

Source From Nordstrom


Source From

Source From Bloomingdale’s

Source From Zappos

Source From Lulu’s

Thank you for reading and hope you liked this post! See you!

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