How To Wear Leggings In Summer – Classy Vs Casual Looks

While a pair of good quality leggings can be worn in the colder climate to keep the body warm, it can also suit the hot summer weather as the fabric is usually lighter and more breathable. Therefore, if you like a fitted look but find skinny jeans a little too warm or uncomfortable to wear in summer, a pair of leggings may just do the trick!

I like the idea of creating a classier look with leggings so I attempted to do that with anย outfit for today’s post. As the leggings featured comes with bold floral prints, I decided to match it with a solid black top with perforated details and an airy silhouette for a chic yet elegant style.

To end off, here are more inspirations on how to wear leggings in summer to achieve either a classy or more casual look –

AnthropologySource From Anthropologie

pinterest3Taken From Pinterest

pinterest2Taken From Pinterest

pinterest5Taken From Pinterest

hapatimeSource From Hapa Time

leggings-4-of-4optSource From 40+ Style

pinterestTaken From Pinterest

gurlTaken From Gurl

sequinsandthingsSource From Sequins And Things

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this post! Do you like wearing leggings and if you do, how will you like to wear them? Feel free to share in the comment section below if you have any great style ideas! See you.

47 thoughts on “How To Wear Leggings In Summer – Classy Vs Casual Looks

    • Sorry to hear that Shireen :(… If the one you have tried on comes with prints, perhaps you can test those in mono color instead. Otherwise, leggings can always be worn under a dress when the weather turns colder in Fall/Winter!


  1. I love wearing leggings. Although it gets a bit hot here to wear them sometimes. Definitely not sure how one can wear leather leggings in the summer (even if they call it summer leather). But there are definitely some great options that are more lightweight for this weather. Love the floral patterned ones on you. They are super fun!

    xx Yasmin


  2. Love those floral leggings and you styled them wonderfully…so classy!
    You look divine!
    I like to wear leggings with tunics or oversize really inspired me to wear them in a more classy way.


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