5 Winning Qualities For Success + Quick Updates On Blog Schedule

Hi everyone, happy mid-week! Time really flies and I have been blogging on this little space for about 10 months. It may not sound like a long time but for those who blog on a regular basis, you will probably understand the commitment and hard work required to produce quality work on a consistent basis. Having cross over 100 posts recently, I have decided to upgrade this portal so that it looks more professional and provide a more pleasant experience for all who visit. Therefore, this post will be the last post for the month of July as some time will be needed to revamp the blog. Thanks to everyone who has supported Prudence Petite Style and I will be back with more new posts once the upgrade is completed. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy this outfit post and read on to find out the 5 qualities to have if you want to become a winner!

1) Understand the detrimental effects of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones

Do not let unhappy experiences rob you of having good expectations of the future. It is easy to become negative when you have been treated unfairly or are going through difficult times. Remaining and dwelling on negativity, however, is only going to lead you towards a downward spiral of bitterness and hopelessness. As such, it is critical to guard your mind well and gravitate toward positive thinking. Earnestly believe that you will get that big break and chances are, you will get it sooner than later!

2) Have a strong vision and keep it in front of you at all times

Do you have a dream that has not come to pass? Perhaps it is to have your own apartment, to have the chance to travel, or maybe it is simply to lose weight? Personally, I struggle with weight fluctuations and there was an extensive time in my life when I was considered plump by those who know me. I finally manage to shed off some weight by imagining vividly in my mind that it can and will happen! By keeping the vision of becoming slimmer and healthier strong in my mind, I kept myself motivated to exercise and cultivate better eating habits. If your dream is to own a property, print a picture of it and stick it somewhere you can see easily to remind you of this dream. If it is to own a business, discuss it frequently with supportive people and take out your business plan often. Keep your vision strong and you will achieve your goals!

3) Be who you truly are and want to be

Pursuing what you really want may sometimes disappoint the people around you or even draw negative criticism and judgement. If you are too concerned and affected by the expectations of others on you, it will cause unnecessary stress and limitations on your own growth. We are all made differently and are unique in our own ways. Therefore, by trying to conform in order to get approval, it will take away our own special qualities and lessen our chances of receiving success.

4) Be patient and continue to grow

When success does not come as quickly as expected, discouragement often sets in and it always seem easier to give up. However, remember that one good break can make up for all the bad breaks you have experienced! Be patient and continue to hone your skills so that you become an expert at what you aspire to be. Winners never quit learning and will take responsibility to upgrade themselves so that when an opportunity comes knocking, they will be fully prepared to take it on.

5) Keep your passion alive and strive for excellence

Staying passionate and enthusiastic can be one of the most challenging aspects of life. When you first start on a project that you have conceived, it is natural to feel very excited about its future prospects. But when things turn out to be more demanding than you expected and you start to feel strained over the demands, all the passion that you initially had may disappear. Instead of dwelling over all the mistakes made and feeling disillusioned, it is important to focus and get your passion back! Find out what is it that you love about the project so that you can potentially redirect your energy into the right areas which will work for you. Stay excited about discovering new ways to keep your passion alive and continue to put your heart into what you truly love. An enthusiastic attitude and the determination to be the best that you can be will lead you to the success you want to achieve!

Thank you so much for reading and for supporting this blog! See you again soon!

72 thoughts on “5 Winning Qualities For Success + Quick Updates On Blog Schedule

  1. My dream is to build my business, and I’ve failed a few times. Never gave up on it, and now I’m trying to revamp things. It does get discouraging, but I find it helpful to just focus at the task at hand so I won’t make decisions based on emotions. Thanks for the tips.


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