5 Winning Qualities For Success + Quick Updates On Blog Schedule

Hi everyone, happy mid-week! Time really flies and I have been blogging on this little space for about 10 months. It may not sound like a long time but for those who blog on a regular basis, you will probably understand the commitment and hard work required to produce quality work on a consistent basis. Having cross over 100 posts recently, I have decided to upgrade this portal so that it looks more professional and provide a more pleasant experience for all who visit. Therefore, this post will be the last post for the month of July as some time will be needed to revamp the blog. Thanks to everyone who has supported Prudence Petite Style and I will be back with more new posts once the upgrade is completed. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy this outfit post and read on to find out the 5 qualities to have if you want to become a winner!

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A Unique Asymmetrical Dress – Port Dickson I


I was given the opportunity to study overseas during my university days and it was during that time that I met a few of my best girlfriends, who are international students like myself. After graduation, our  life journeys have taken different paths; some of us remained overseas while others returned to their home countries. As my girlfriends and I don’t get to meet each other as frequently as before, we grab all chances to catch up whenever possible!

The following pictures are taken indoor (under orange light) in a restaurant located at Port Dickson, Malaysia, where a wedding dinner was held.  I was so happy to be able to catch up with a couple of my closest friends at this joyous event!

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