Spring/Summer Essentials 2015 – Floral Fever And More

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Dr Martens 1461 3 Eye Shoe Black From UnionJack Boots

Embroidered Lace Fringe Top From Forever 21

Cut Work Mini Leather Bag From Zara

Patterned Scarf From H&M

Floral A-Line Dress From Forever 21

Florals are the go-to prints in Spring / Summer so if you have not got on board the floral trend bandwagon yet, it is definitely the time to do so! I am really excited to see more gorgeous floral print fashion items appearing in the shopping scene, ranging from apparels to a wide range of accessories! Apart from florals, other Spring / Summer styles which I really adore this year include the seventies-inspired fringe and tassel trend, pretty lace as well as intricate eyelet details. Here are a few of my favorite picks this season:

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A Red Pearl Embellished Organza Dress – Paris Part II


Happy Mid-Week everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates recently as I have been keeping myself really busy touring Paris and truly immersing myself in the life here. I will be returning home to Singapore in a couple of days so my normal blogging schedule will start from next week onward!

Now back to my outfit post for this week! One of my first impressions of Paris is that it is a very romantic and sophisticated city. Hence, when I was packing my suitcase, I attempted to pick out a couple of outfits which I thought will fit in with the general vibe of the city. The dress featured today is a design which I felt is very “Parisian” based on my personal perception of Paris.

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A Winter Floral Dress


One of the key fashion trends this season is the Winter Floral look. As the New Year countdown celebration is fast approaching, I thought that donning on a pretty floral dress will be a fantastic way to welcome Year 2015!






What I love about this dress is the vibrant colors of the floral prints against a mysterious dark background, very much like a secret garden waiting to be discovered in my own imagination ! The weather was quite chilly on the day we took the pictures so the soft fur shawl is a great addition to keep me cozy while adding a touch of elegance to the whole look!

Hope you enjoy this post! See you next week!

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A Cute Stripes Floral Dress

Living in Singapore, it can get really hot at times. However, it does give me tons of opportunities to wear lightweight casual basics and pretty summery dresses. Much as I love autumn/winter fashion, not needing to pile on more overalls and accessories (such as gloves, scarves or stockings) does have its conveniences. Having said this, I will be featuring images of a really cute floral dress that is suitable for the humid weather of Singapore in this post:

This lovely dress is perfect for a weekend brunch with family and friends as well as a relaxed and romantic outing with my husband. Being petite also means that I can look more youthful in a cute dress like this!

Hope you like this post and see you again soon! Have a great week ahead everyone.

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Office Dresses For The Week

I believe that every lady can look pretty yet professional at the workplace with the right selection of apparels. Work/office appropriate skater or flare dresses are one of the best choices as they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also suitable for almost any body shape. Just make sure the length of the dress is not too short and the fitting is right (i.e. not too tight or loose) and you are good to go!

Here are some of my personal picks for a whole week at work! Enjoy.

Monday Blues? Look great in a pretty blue floral dress and chase away any negativity!
What should I wear today? When you can’t make up your mind, a classic monochrome number may be your best answer. 
In the mood for some accessorizing? A mono-color dress is perfect for this purpose! Love how the bright yellow floral necklace complements the crisp white eyelet dress so well. 
Looking for unique floral prints? The orchid is such a gorgeous flower yet it is seldom used as a print on dresses. I have found one that I simply adore!
TGIF! It’s end of the work week as well as date night… Choose a sweet and pretty dress to charm your date and go for some retail therapy after!
Hope you enjoyed this post and see you again soon!

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Five Lovely Dresses

This post will consist of a mini-collection featuring five pretty dresses which I find really lovely! I adore all the dresses especially the first design with the back opening at the waist area. Which design do you like best? Do share your thoughts with me!

That’s all for now and see you again soon!

A Cute Tea Dress

When I was a speaker with Breast Cancer Foundation (Singapore), I used to attend talks together with  breast cancer survivors who will share their story with the audience after I had gone through a basic introduction of the symptoms and risk factors of breast cancer. Each time, the survivors will speak on the importance of learning to “smell the roses” and appreciate the little things in life. In recent years, I have learnt the significance of the message conveyed by these survivors.

Though self-fulfilling, being a business owner can be extremely stressful and daunting due to the many challenges involved. During such challenging periods, respite in the form of travel or just taking a stroll in nature to “smell the roses” can provide important “recharging” time. Personally, I have taken a liking to taking walks at the Botanic Gardens a few times each month and here are some of my fashion shoots taken on one of my monthly visits:

I simply love the flattering cut and the romantic floral prints of this cute dress which I thought blend in really well with the lush surroundings of the Botanic Garden. A classic and pretty tea dress that will not go out of style too!

Hope you enjoy this post and see you again soon!

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Beautiful Black Dress With Exquisite Floral Placements

I believe skater dresses are hot favorites among many ladies as they are flattering for all sort of figures and sizes. I seldom come across any design that carries vibrant red or orange floral prints on a black background and therefore, I was delighted to find a number that fulfills this description.

Style Match of the Day:

Sateen Floral Dress from City Plaza Singapore
Red belt is a gift
Butterfly Earrings from Novena Square

I love this number as it makes me feel both sensual and feminine at the same time! Not only are the floral prints beautiful, the fabric feels luxurious on the skin as well. I am especially impressed with the way the fabric was cut such that the floral prints are abundant on the skirt area but sparsely arranged on the top half of the dress. This make the dress look really well-tailored like a designer piece with the prints looking proportionately distributed without being too busy for the eye.
Hope you are as delighted with this post as I am and see you again soon!

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