Lace-Up Designs 2015 – Dresses To Covet For!


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Why You Should Wear White This Summer

White is one of the most beautiful colors to wear in my opinion and I can’t seem to stop wearing it recently! If you are not a fan of wearing this versatile color yet, read on to find out why you should!

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How To Release Your Inner Bohemian Spirit

Happy Mid-Week everyone!

Releasing the bohemian spirtĀ is a topic I find very interesting to blog about as it covers both the fashionable and emotional sides of an individual. In my mind, a bohemian spirit is synonymous with an attitude of being free-spirited and open-minded, as well as leading a life less prone to stress. While it may take more effort and experience to regulate our emotions, it is definitely easier to work on some of the physical aspects. Here come some of my tips to releasing your inner bohemian spirit –

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