How To Look Classy In A Shortall Overall

The summer season is a great time to try out cute overalls in shorts or skirt versions if you have not already done so. There are many types of tops that can go well with an overall but I like the idea of matching one with a chic crop design for that summery peek-a-boo effect! Continue reading

A Vertical Stripe Crop Jacket At Palace Of Versailles – Paris VII


If you are interested to know more about French history, one place you should not miss is the Palace of Versailles! The popularity of this national landmark cannot be underestimated – my husband and I had to queue for more than an hour in the rain on a weekday to visit this magnificent former residence and Parliament House of King Louis XIV. The wait was definitely worth it though and we decided to go ahead with an outfit shoot even when it was raining continually. The beauty of the grounds were simply too amazing not to go into this photo dairy!

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Formal and Casual Fashion in Blue and White

Blue and white are two of my favorite colors as they are really soothing and pleasing to the eyes. Just imagine the beautiful blue sky and white clouds we see in Summer and I believe you will get what I mean.

I believe the blue and white color combination works really well in fashion too as many of us look pretty good in these gentle and cool colors. Below are my picks for a formal and casual look respectively.

Formal Look:

This cute little cocktail number is suitable for occasions such as wedding dinners, company functions or parties. Definitely one of my favorite designs to wear as it is so flattering for my petite frame and I adore the serene contrast of the lovely blue shades on the pure white dress.

Casual Look:

This Korean-inspired cotton dress is my pick for a relax day out on the weekend as I really love the tie-able ribbon cut-out details at the sleeves as well as the classic stripe design on the skirt. The top part of the dress has a loose fit cutting so it is also comfortable to wear on a sunny day!

Hope you like both the formal and casual looks in this post as much as I do! See you again soon!

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Korean Inspired Fashion – A Lovely Origami Grey Dress

I don’t really like grey dresses but this is a number that captured my attention when I first laid eyes on it. Particularly, I find myself attracted to the origami style embellishment at the cut-in neckline which I thought is rather unique and definitely adds a focal interest in this otherwise simple design.

Meanwhile, here are more pictures of this romantic Korean inspired design!

See you again soon!

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Halloween Special – A French Maid Dress


I bought this French Maid dress on a whim several years ago and never got to wearing it. As Halloween is just around the corner, I thought it will be a good idea to do a quick photoshoot around this theme! Really glad that the dress still fits and I am loving the pretty lace and cute tier skirt of this piece! If my memory did not fail me, it is the love of these feminine details that led me to buy the dress when I had no good reason to do so. Alas, Halloween is not widely celebrated in Singapore and therefore I do not see much possibility of wearing this dress again in the near future. Nevertheless, I do enjoyed the photoshoot very much and hope you like these pictures as much as I do!


Wishing everyone a great Halloween and see you again soon! Have fun!

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Black And White Fashion

I have always love the monochromatic look in fashion. I do adore vibrant colors too, but on days that I am in a rush or just not in the mood to think of what to wear, I simply can’t resist the classic black and/or white outfit. So just a quick blog post to show two basic monochrome designs that will never go out of style and will be suitable for ladies of different figures, including petite women. Here is the first look:

And my second feature is a simple white dress with delightful scallop patterned details at the waist area and a panel cut skater skirt which, by the way, makes me feel like Marilyn Monroe for a moment :)!

What I like about a classic dress is that it is so easy to create different looks with simple accessorizing. If you adore statement accessories like I do, a mono color outfit will be perfect for some creative mix and match.

Hope you like this post and see you again soon!

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Five Lovely Dresses

This post will consist of a mini-collection featuring five pretty dresses which I find really lovely! I adore all the dresses especially the first design with the back opening at the waist area. Which design do you like best? Do share your thoughts with me!

That’s all for now and see you again soon!

A Pretty Yellow Eyelet Dress

In my last post I mentioned that I have recently fallen in love with hats. The reason is simple really – they are excellent for styling and can instantly transform your everyday basic look to one that is more trendy and interesting. I particularly like the idea of matching a pretty sun hat with a cheery yellow dress as I believe the look will be one that is full of vibrancy and energy, much like the morning sun. So here comes my mix and match inspiration for the day:

This look is definitely suitable for ladies who like a sweet and feminine style! I like how the dainty eyelet details and flowy chiffon skirt of the dress complement the romantic floral scarf design on the hat to create that charmingly girl-next-door look.

Hope you like this post and see you again soon!

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Beautiful Black Dress With Exquisite Floral Placements

I believe skater dresses are hot favorites among many ladies as they are flattering for all sort of figures and sizes. I seldom come across any design that carries vibrant red or orange floral prints on a black background and therefore, I was delighted to find a number that fulfills this description.

Style Match of the Day:

Sateen Floral Dress from City Plaza Singapore
Red belt is a gift
Butterfly Earrings from Novena Square

I love this number as it makes me feel both sensual and feminine at the same time! Not only are the floral prints beautiful, the fabric feels luxurious on the skin as well. I am especially impressed with the way the fabric was cut such that the floral prints are abundant on the skirt area but sparsely arranged on the top half of the dress. This make the dress look really well-tailored like a designer piece with the prints looking proportionately distributed without being too busy for the eye.
Hope you are as delighted with this post as I am and see you again soon!

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