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How To Look Classy In A Shortall Overall

The summer season is a great time to try out cute overalls in shorts or skirt versions if you have not already done so. There are many types of tops that can go well with an overall but I like the idea of matching one with a chic crop design for that summery peek-a-boo effect! Continue reading

How To Tie A Scarf – 4 Easy Summer Styles In 30 seconds


Introducing a statement accessory to a casual outfit can instantly add some fun or chicness to the overall look and my choice of an accessory for today’s post is a cute tassel scarf! Without further ado, here are four really simple ways to tie and style a scarf for Summer!

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10 Ways To Become Happier

Striving to become happier is something that everyone works toward. We only get to live once so why not make it a genuinely happy one? Here are some suggestions to experience more joy in our lives.

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Get Fruity This Summer! Pineapple Trend 2015


Pineapple Straw Tote Bag from Topshop
Pina Pineapple Drop Earrings From Lane Crawford
Pineapple Print Five-Panel Hat From Forever 21
‘Adele – Pineapple’ Satin Slip-On Sneaker From Nordstrom
Vero Moda Pineapple Print Jersey Dress From ASOS

One of the cutest trends this summer will have to be the pineapple! There are so many fun pineapple designs around and I just couldn’t resist doing a round up of some adorable pieces for this post.
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How To Wear A Hat – Some Inspirations!

Hats are one of the best accessories (perhaps the best!) to instantly make an outfit look more interesting and attractive. I don’t use to wear hats but have gradually gotten into the habit of doing so due to the inspiring ways I have seen other fashionistas style this trend! So I will be dedicating a quick post today to showcase some great looks with hats as the focal accessory! Continue reading

What To Wear On A First Date – Some Practical Tips To Look Out For

Most men like their dates to look demure and pretty on a first date. While this may  sound superficial, it is a fact that external factors to do with first impressions and appearance will play an important part in determining how attracted men are to their dates at the initial stage of the relationship. Here are a few practical tips on what to look out for when choosing an outfit for that great first date experience!

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Why You Should Wear White This Summer

White is one of the most beautiful colors to wear in my opinion and I can’t seem to stop wearing it recently! If you are not a fan of wearing this versatile color yet, read on to find out why you should!

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How To Release Your Inner Bohemian Spirit

Happy Mid-Week everyone!

Releasing the bohemian spirt is a topic I find very interesting to blog about as it covers both the fashionable and emotional sides of an individual. In my mind, a bohemian spirit is synonymous with an attitude of being free-spirited and open-minded, as well as leading a life less prone to stress. While it may take more effort and experience to regulate our emotions, it is definitely easier to work on some of the physical aspects. Here come some of my tips to releasing your inner bohemian spirit –

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What to Wear to A Wedding In Spring/Summer

Summer is approaching and it is no surprise that many couples like to hold their weddings during this season as the weather is warm. If you have started receiving invites to weddings, have you also decided on what to wear for these occasions? Although there are numerous options to choose from, I think that it will be perfect to wear striking prints to a modern day wedding during the Spring/Summer season to complement with the brimming life associated with the warmer months! Prints with vibrant colors will be fun to wear to a wedding but I think more elegant colors such as monochrome or purple will always be appropriate too!

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